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The details

No matter what they say beauty is on the details. As i continue another month into my art journey I’m reflecting on the details.  i need to leave white space because I have a lot to say.

I’m still trying out various color schemes and styles to establish my own. I’m sticking with acrylic mostly. I could see my veering off into water colors in the future.   At this point  it’s all about the acrylics.


Bright colors are very much on vogue right now I’m trying to stay away from those just not quite my style. I’m making slow progress on drawing faces. I’m hoping they can become more expressive and  not just a hot mess. i also dream of matisse acrylics. Pam Carriker is a  big inspiration for me.


scannable document on sep 25, 2017, 8_26_36 pm

The best thing about a journal is it’s yours you can be the boss. It’s a good life with goals, successes, failures and joy, where the  writing and space is as important as the paints.



White Pen


A favorite pen for journaling.

Journaling to the End

Journaling to the End

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Happy to say, my journal made it to the end of the year, with a few pages to spare. The hardest part is deciding on a new journal and settiling in to it. I have several options in mind. Something like this was just all too comfortable.
I think my decision will be seveal journals although the requirement is the daily/ agenda oriented journal. I additionally want an art journal and “What 2 Wear” for sewing and needlework. So many decisions for a new year.

Today, I Like

I am liking the fact that there is only one more day to the week. My weekend is already over planned, so it will go by all too fast. On one day alone I am supposed to go see a show and my monthly Journal Salon. There is a show both days. This is entertainment overload.

One thing I need to do is to work on my fourth quarter mix tape. There is music I bought the later part of last year that I have not copied, labels or put in the car. Some of it I do really like, i.e Miles in India. The double-disc set features jazz veterans such as Gary Bartz, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, and others collaborating with Indian musicians like percussionist Badal Roy and pianist Louiz Banks on a set of Miles Davis compositions.

Today I am liking “How to Be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith. I thought it hysterical that it was categorized as creativity and housed in the children’s section of the bookstore. I think the children section thing is what threw me. Each page, in Smith’s style, is a prompt to exploration. There are things such as:

  1. An object documentation log
  2. View finder exploration
  3. Travel History
  4. Found paint
  5. Recording various types of consumption

The titles in the list do not do it justice. Get a copy and try it out.

The other thing I am liking today is the continued positive conversation concerning our first family and the inauguration of Barak Obama. More to come.