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The Meeting

Look who I met . Hanging outside in the yard .  Nesting atop the electrical meter. I looked because I’d made note to self last time I was in the yard to take a broom to the ratty looking nest. The nest looks much better with her in it. I chose to leave her there.  That way I feel I can at least offer some protection from the thuggish cats in the neighbor hood

Just short two weeks since I initiated this post. I call her Byrdie. Not very creative name but I check daily to see if she’s still there. Women have it hard. We must persist

My work for women kind.


On a beautiful Sunday


This is what my life is about. It’s about this love right  here.

Horace silver

@JazzStLouis: RT @blogsupreme: NPR has confirmed the death of Horace Silver. He died late this morning at age 85.




This is my number one accomplist in procrastination. This is princess Nephritii, commonly known as the neph. She is a pint sized cat. A mere 7lbs but territorial like a 20 pounder.

She is dependable as there are few expectations. Plus, she likes me.  That’s Rather important




3.1phillip lim satchel and the rabbit hole


a lot of things have improved since my little tumble down the rabbit hole last year, but one small thing I’ve not over come. I cannot comfortably carry a satchel handbag just yet. I picked up this 3.1 Phillip lim at target. I will just need to hold on to toit  a little longer and revel in all of my accomplishments in other areas. Important things like walking talking and driving a car.