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Yes I’ve heard the various jokes about the falafel guy. I don’t have much of a track record outside of Italian, creole  and French foods. My daughter loves falafel I glanced at a  recipe, my response was this seems doable plus the ingredients list was a lot of good stuff. Herbs cumin garlic onions, garlic, and garbanzo beans.  Sounded good for me.

Learning something new. It’s a good thing.


Lobster Rolls


I am not much of a sandwich person I don’t generally care for sandwiches but a lobster roll from a New England food truck is something totally different it is exceptional..

Good and kind


I love kind fruit nut bars. Love them so much I buy them by the box.

The Love of Pastry Cream

I figure if you can make roux, you can make gravy. I figure if you can make gravy, you can make pastry cream. Yes. Pastry Crème. I have been told it is really persnickety. Ha. It could be no more than roux.

Mother’s Day brunch, I wanted to make a fruit tart. I had a box of huge strawberries. It was calling for a tart for the special occasion of Mother’s Day! I am proud to say, the tart with pastry crème was a success. This opens a big window for successes during the coming fruit season.There is room for improvement as with any first project. Pastry crème will be a creative foundation.  This was a moment of pride for me. I’m in love with pastry crème.


Financier Patisserie


I love to fool myself into thinking this would be a nice, light choice for breakfast. Life is indeed a game. Is it not?

Sweet Paul

I ran across a wonderful digital magazine called “Sweet Paul” It is issue number 3, their holiday issue. it is an efficient digital production, beautiful and full of good recipes. i love it. i am looking forward to their next issue. Sweet Paul’s blog is pretty sweet as well. I will be trying a few recipes as well.Screen Capture- Sweet Paul Digital magazine

Love, I Admit it

starbucks-via-ready-brew I am loving Starbucks Via coffee at work. I figured I would be in a lot of trouble if I brought the espresso pot and a hot plate. A friend who values the taste of good coffee recommended the new Via packets from Starbucks. They were so correct. The Italian Roast is the best “ready brew” coffee experience I have ever had. Bravo, Starbucks! Via!


Coffee House and Creperie

We are working our way through the list of best brunch spots according to Urban Spoon, St. Louis. So far we are making headway.

This Sunday we went to City Coffee House and Creperie in Clayton. It was a wonderfully casual brunch. There was an lengthly menu of both sweet and savory crepes from which to choose. There is indoor cafe style setting as well as a glassed enclosed patio. I had the Brittany– Honey ham, fresh asparagus, havarti cheese, fresh spinach & hollandaise sauce.  City Coffee has excellent coffees, espresso, fresh juice and teas. Cafe Americano was good.

Coffee House and Creperie

Good time had by all.

Tyler Florence Food Blog

I am newly in love the past few weeks with the Tyler Florence site. The web dev is brilliant. I love Florence’s cooking. I have hours of Tyler Ultimate broadcasts on my Tivo. I will have to release them at some point.

Tyler Florence has a wonderful shop in the Mill Valley in northern California. I drool at the 360 panoramic views offered on the web site. It is esthetically pleasing with a wonderful stock offering .I notice he has his own line of cookware. I wonder how it stands next to All Clad or Calphalon. It is being sold on HSN. It could be like other celebrity chef cookware. Made in China with a shiny name.

Friday’s Florence Tweets a recipe simultaneously posted on his blog. The Tweets are an interesting reminder, but to see it on the blog is sublime. The photography on the site is inspiring. Clean, close up, artistically shot is putting it mildly. Makes you want to cook and eat! I have tried several of his recipes in the past and have loved each and everyone. The Friday Twitterlicious recipes are simple fare with a lot of flavors.Recently featured, Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken with Smash Broccoli is a must have for Sunday dinner. Now, how good does that look?

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Florence

I am looking forward to seeing his shop next year in California. It is a plan of mine to visit northern California next year.

Dish #1

In my promise to cook from my many cookbooks each week for the balance of the year, I have made my first dish. I chose “think Like a Chef” by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame. “A groundbreaking volume when it was first published in 2000, this arful deconstruction of the chef’s craft from Top Chef’s formidable head judge, Tom Colicchio, is the perfect manual for a new generation of culinary professionals and passionate cooks everywhere.”

The book is divided by skills, such as roasting, braising, sautéing and making stocks and sauces. There are chapters of dishes using the same ingredients in a dish that is simple and then progressively more complex. One can stretch your skills with ingredients you have become familiar with in the same chapter.

I chose to cook Potato Leek soup. I have made many of pot of potato soup when my kids were growing up. It was a winter time one pot staple. Colicchio’s version was a little more involved. The recipe and technique yielded a familiar pot of soup with far more depth of flavor. The recipe took a familiar dish to a new level. It was simple and I will use the recipe again.