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The details

No matter what they say beauty is on the details. As i continue another month into my art journey I’m reflecting on the details.  i need to leave white space because I have a lot to say.

I’m still trying out various color schemes and styles to establish my own. I’m sticking with acrylic mostly. I could see my veering off into water colors in the future.   At this point  it’s all about the acrylics.


Bright colors are very much on vogue right now I’m trying to stay away from those just not quite my style. I’m making slow progress on drawing faces. I’m hoping they can become more expressive and  not just a hot mess. i also dream of matisse acrylics. Pam Carriker is a  big inspiration for me.


scannable document on sep 25, 2017, 8_26_36 pm

The best thing about a journal is it’s yours you can be the boss. It’s a good life with goals, successes, failures and joy, where the  writing and space is as important as the paints.







Sain’t louis art museum


Blue (Colour)
Blue is the colour between violet and green on the optical spectrum of visible light.





Happy birthday Nina Simone

Nina Simone /ˈniːnə sɨˈmoʊn/ (born Eunice Kathleen Waymon; February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003) was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music. She worked in a broad range of styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop.




For many of us, Nina Simone is nothing less than a goddess. Her music informs our lives (see: “Wild is the Wind,” “Feelin’ Good,” “Pirate Jenny, “Mississippi Goddamn,” etc, etc), her courage inspires us, we name our daughters for her, wallpaper our homes with her regal face in profile.

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Enough said…

Happy birthday

Happy birthday john william #coltrane


Faucets and Sinks 3rd Degree

Not often does one go out and make a point of seeing the ladies’ room. At 3rd Degree Glass Factory it is an exception. The faucets and sinks are hand made, one of a kind art! I have thought of having the bowl atop the vanity. The faucet just puts it over the top!




Gorgeous. Art for the home.

Pantone~ Lunar Fall 2011~2012


I have loved gray as a neutral this summer. I am considering  moving it right on forward to fall. In comes Pantone palette Lunar. I need to determine fun contrasts. The above illustration from Pantone is inspiring. “In Lunar, a color palette found in Wonder, the PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner forecast for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012, we are inspired by the nighttime appearance of the moon and the uniquely earthly phenomenon we call snow.” per Pantone.

The gray has worked well for me, why change. Just update. Pantone agrees.

A Brilliant Wall


Aren’t these wall portraits absolutely wonderful?  I am a fan of old painted advertising on the sides of buildings. I always try to catch a shot of them when I see them in town. They are ordinarily signs of the times in which they were created. These wall portraits are something I have not seen before. They are the work of London based artist Alexandre Farto.  He is the Michelangelo of the urban wall. The faces are expertly rendered. It will surely make you stop and reflect upon the face on the wall.


I would love to have something like this on an interior brick wall. Talk about a converstion piece. Additional photos of his wall work are available here.