The details

No matter what they say beauty is on the details. As i continue another month into my art journey I’m reflecting on the details.  i need to leave white space because I have a lot to say.

I’m still trying out various color schemes and styles to establish my own. I’m sticking with acrylic mostly. I could see my veering off into water colors in the future.   At this point  it’s all about the acrylics.


Bright colors are very much on vogue right now I’m trying to stay away from those just not quite my style. I’m making slow progress on drawing faces. I’m hoping they can become more expressive and  not just a hot mess. i also dream of matisse acrylics. Pam Carriker is a  big inspiration for me.


scannable document on sep 25, 2017, 8_26_36 pm

The best thing about a journal is it’s yours you can be the boss. It’s a good life with goals, successes, failures and joy, where the  writing and space is as important as the paints.



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