Blouse Part 1

9973vogueI’m always looking  for blouse patterns. I consider it at least attempting to step up my game. I often wear knit t-shirts. That feels a bit more casual than a blouse. I feel more comfortable making the casual, simple choice of a knit t-shirt. I am trying not to fall in a to casual rut.

I made two blouses recently that I am really looking forward to wearing. Vogue 9973 is a out of print pattern. It is a simple loose fitting pullover blouse. I still hate making button holes.Pullover blouses are the best of both the t-shirt and blouse world.  The ruffled collar gives it a little something. When the weather cools, it will set off a cardigan.

P1140925-6My mother still laughs about how much I loved polka dots as a child.I spent hours trying to pry the dots off of my grandmother’s dress.  I suppose the affinity lingers. I like the black and white. It is crisp.

Another blouse to follow.


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