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C Mount Lens

I shoot with a Micro Four Thirds Lumix GF!. I love the camera. I was hesitant to get a DSLR because of the size. I don’t like big bulky cameras, although I had a Canon AE1 back in the day. There is a shortage of lenses available for the M4/3’s because it is a new format. One thing I love about it is the ability to use other lenses by way of lens mount adapters. With an adapted lens you don’t have the benefit of autofocus, but you must shoot in A Priority or manual. Both are good opportunities for learning.


CCTV Gallery

Most recently I tried the C Mount lens. They were originally developed for use with 16mm movie camera (C stands for Cine) and CCTV security cameras. C- Mount went out of fashion with the advent of digital video cameras.  When the Micro 4/3 format was invented some genius figured out that the small little C Mount would be a great addition to the arsenal. Small body, small lens.

Depending upon what you are looking for in a photograph, the C-Mount lens has it’s good points and bad. There is no autofocus. It is sort of like using a manual SLR and takes a little more time to compose and adjust for your shot. C-Mount pictures tend to be sharpest in the center and blurred around the edges. I consider it an artistic plus, but not appropriate for all situations. Upside, the price! I got a 35mm, f1.1.7 lens for $35, including adapter. There is a range in price depending on maker. Some are vintage. Check listings on Ebay or Google it. A wider variety is becoming available as more and more Micro 4/3 users discover them.

See a few shots taken with my C Mount 35mmCCTV lens here. If you have a Micro 4/3 camera, try it. It is low cost fun.


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