Dinner in White~ Paris


Thousands attend two “Dinners in White” in Paris at the Louvre and Notre Dame

On June 18th in Paris, thousands dressed in white got off busses carrying everything needed to set up their tables for Dinner in White. Everyone waited for the signal from organizers called rallieurs, before setting up their tables simultaneously at the Louvre and Notre Dame. It was like a well planned flash mob attack.

The underground planning goes on for a year. Invitations are passed between friends with the only the date and no location until the last minute. The goal is  outwit the police and security by gathering thousands of people so quickly they cannot enforce code and permit requirements. The invitations are issued only between friends and cannot be purchased. No tickets are sold. This makes it a very exclusive event and a very daring enterprise. Even in Paris, arrests are possible. The organizers say there is a contingency plan if the police intervene.


As the Dinner in White guests assemble, each is loaded with folding tables, chairs, table clothes, china, candles, Champagne and food. In one photo I saw a chef cooking tableside, dressed in chef whites. There is even a band to provide additional ambiance for the evening.

In 2012 there is word on the street, so to speak, of Dinner in White events in New York, Montreal and some other cities. Search on Facebook for pages with information. Have a look at a YouTube video from this year’s event, well as a photo gallery at Paris~Untapped Cities and  Bonjour Paris.

A so civilized flash mob!


3 responses to “Dinner in White~ Paris

  1. Thanks for the link about the Diner en Blanc! Here at Untapped we’d like to offer you and your readers access to this exclusive 5 course tasting dinner with Chef Andre Chiang on July 2nd. His restaurant, ANDRE, was named by the NYTimes as one of the “10 restaurants in the world worth a plane ride.”

    Seats are limited, sign up and please help spread the word!
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  2. William Reese

    My family and I were in Notre Dame Cathedral the evening of June 18 for a liturgical music and slide show. A couple of times the incongruous roar of a crowd was heard faintly during the 9:30 to 10 program. Imagine our surprise when exiting the sanctuary to see the huge square in front to be full of candle lit diners dressed all in white with tethered white balloons aloft.
    Such a lovely (and surprising) scene and perfect end to our three weeks in France.



  3. How Fantastically Classy, and Liberating, we should do these all around the world!


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