The Table of May and June

I try to imagine what I will accomplish in sewing each month. Some months are better than others. I have not attained the skill and organization to sew ahead of the season. I live in an area of four distinct seasons. The is some carry over, but there is distinction.

The month of May I wanted to do a color story different from my ordinary black and white wear. I worked on the voile blouse and was quite happy. I made a print challis shirt. It is based on a vintage Geoffrey Beene blouse. I need blouses and prints in my life. There are not enough of either. To tie the two pieces together, I made a pair of grey cotton twill trousers using my TNT mash up of two favorite trouser patterns. Additionally I made a sweater vest in pink. Oh, it is very pink. This coloration of pink and gray is still really new to me but slowly pieces are coming together. I am enjoying the challenge. I have one other little sheer pink print kimono style wrap in a pink print that will be a nice cover-up for summer.


Now, admittedly, the finishing for some of the May pieces has carried on into the beginning of June. Just by a couple of days. The multi day power outage was a time sink. Additionally, button holes are one of those projects that requires the right state of mind for success. I had to await that moment.

June is definitely warm weather season. I have a few unstructured bottoms, a dressy gray t-shirt top and a sheer vest on the table. Several tops from Anthropologie and Zara are simple and  interesting. I will have far more time available in June to complete things. I need to have something more accomplished during the month like a Vogue pattern designer piece. More details to come.


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