Basement Studio Decor

P1090899-10I always want to make my little basement studio more inviting. It is not that I invite visitors, but I like a home feel for myself. I sew there and would like to do more other things. My journaling for instance gets spread all over the bed. Not a good idea when paint and glue is involved.

I need workstations and ambience. Saturday, I attended a meeting at Whiz Tech Café. It is an internet café and meeting venue in downtown. “Whiz Tech Cafe offers great coffee & food in a comfortable environment. Meet for Biz or Pleasure. Computer repair, web design & meeting space.”… @whiztechcafeWhizTech Café space was very inspiring although not a basement. It is light filled with a colorful industrial tech décor. I love the look of computer components placed along a picture rail. It is a  simple touch that reinforced the theme of the business.


One stand out for me was the overhead lighting. Whiz Tech Café has an abundance of natural light streaming in the windows along the front, back and side. They have used lanterns and track lighting for emphasis and decoration. I have long been enamored with lanterns.


Definitely some inspiring take away from a generally wonderful day.


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