Something Warm

Sewing back in the 80’s I would watch mini series on television for several consecutive nights. Behind each I would have an outfit to show for the time spent. I have a penchant for naming inanimate objects. Each outfit would be named after the corresponding mini series.

Since I had a few snow days, I thought I would make something warm. Using a gray “premium” fleece from Hancock’s I made a very warm tunic length vest. It will go well with slacks, jeans or leggings. It will definitely be a winner with boots. It is a 2005 Vogue pattern, that features a yoke back and front. The lower front and back are cut to overlap and form a bit of a pointed hem. I finished the lower edges with an overcast stitch while facing the extended arm and front. I call it my blizzard vest.

P1060910   P1060911P1060923

The temps are still in single digits. The blizzard vest is casual, warm and versatile. Hope winter ends soon. I have another piece of fleece.


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