Slow Sewing

I told myself if I were off for a snow day last week, I would make it a point to finish my trousers. I have been working on them all month. For some reason I would consistently stall. I would stall at fitting the side seams and again at the hem. Hemming your own pants is daunting. I am at the point where I am a bit perturbed at myself for taking so long with a pattern that has become a TNT.

I have found the art of “slow sewing”. It explains it. The recent article in Threads Magazine coupled with my new favorite book, Couture Sewing Techniques, has me well into “slow sewing”. I did a few extra things to refine the pair of pants.  Slow sewing makes each project an exercise in learning versus rushing. I want to refine techniques because I will be using this pattern over and over again. I fought a long hard battle to get to this point. The process should become flawless. The pattern is a mash up of two favorite Vogue pant patterns.


This pair is an olive green gabardine. I realized I did not have green tape. I could have turned over the edge for the waist facing, but I chose to use some left over lining to make my own. I used it to trim the edge of the band and also the hem. I think it is a Hong Kong finish. I don’t serge, so I zig zag finish the seams.

I am very happy with the olive trousers. I incorporated some things I would not have done before. They were more time consuming. I utilized some new skill. I by no means consider myself a couturier, but embracing the process will make  me a better sewist. Slow sewing will continue to yield far more successes than fails in my sewing. It makes me feel good.


3 responses to “Slow Sewing

  1. I’ve recently vowed to change my M.O. to slow sewing. I must admit, it hasn’t been an easy change. Part of me still wants to crank outfits out as quickly as possible so I can wear them! But, you’re right. You get better results with slow sewing.


  2. I loved that Threads article so much I sent an email to the magazine. I’m really trying to slow myself down to improve my techniques. But it’s hard when you just need to finish!


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