Vogue February 2011 is HERE!


I have been looking forward to the arrival of the new Vogue Pattern magazine.  Arriving today, I was not disappointed. This issue has something for everyone including the Vogue Man


There are two new designers, Pamella Roland and Vena Cava. Lovely fem dresses from them and some returning designers such as Anna Sui, Tracey Reese and Donna Karan. I promised myself I would keep at least one piece on the table that did not fall into the category of basics. One of my favorite designers of cute basics, Marcy Tilton, is back with what will be a “go to” linen pant for summer. I am planning ahead.

vogue2011-5    vogue2011-6

The past two seasons of Project Runway included a challenge of digital fabric. There is an article in this issue covering that very subject. I hope to be able to meet the challenge of designing my own. The possibilities are so great, it is over whelming.

I very much enjoyed the “Who’s Who” behind Vogue.


Settling in to read some of the finer print!


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