My Angels


I love the angels and cherubs I collect for my Christmas tree. I have been collecting them for at least 12 years. I saw the first set of  cherubs in a Spiegel catalog. Predominately the collection is “Clothtique”. I’ve not known them to make ethnic angels for some years.  The collection exceeds the 7 foot tree now. When the basement flooded several years ago, the restoration/recovery team asked if there were memorable items to look for. “My Christmas ornaments”, I screamed. I had just put them all away for the season. The plastic tubs floated for the most part. A few got muddy.  They now wear their mud proudly.

P1040872This Christmas, the tree is without angels. I have a 19 month old, pugnacious cat named Simone. I don’t want to risk enticing her to meddle the Christmas tree. So far, it has been of little interest to her. I can make the season without the ornaments, simply for their safety. I know the ornaments are safely tucked away, barring no natural disasters. Simone will live another Christmas.


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