Holiday Gifting

Acknowledgement of the holidays starts at Thanksgiving. It simply is wrong for it to start any earlier in my opinion. It is wrong on so many levels. I understand the finance of Black Friday for I worked retail many years. I understand the religious view. As it is the Thanksgiving holiday season, I will start with earnest to think of gifting this holiday season

.Anthropologie Holiday, 2009

I started quilting earlier in the year. I admit it, I love it. Straight line sewing in lieu of ease and flow involved in dressmaking. I go totally without a pattern. I like to be organic with it. The organic nature is creative to me. Needless to say, there will be lap quilts in the gifting this year.P1030273

In years past I have done jewelry, another craft of mine. I have not done any in a long time, so there isn’t probability there. I need some replacements in my own wardrobe. I have been looking at a lot at bracelets recently.

Greeting cards are a must. Few people send greeting cards. I am sure I send out far more than I receive. That’s not the point. The point is making them, addressing the envelopes by hand and mailing them. It is a bit of ceremony to it.

In as much as I don’t start Christmas in July, I am busy November and December. Fortunately I get a good amount of time off during the two months to work on gifts and spend leisure time. I have learned to use it to good measure. It is good for the joy it brings not only to the recipient but to myself as well.

These are the things that make gifting for the holidays fun. Going to the mall is for eating, socializing, not shopping. If you go to the mall, at least have the destination of a nice luncheon with friends and family.


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