Five Things to Remember from October

As I quickly look over my shoulder, I find that October was pretty good. I had intentions of it being a month of partying. My birthday was October 19th. As it turns out there are things more important to me. I wanted peace, creativity, wonderment, love and family at every turn in October. That was the way to celebrate life.

Here are five things I did during the month that brought those things and more.

  • I got a flu shot. I hate shots. Last year I was sick with the flu on my birthday. I didn’t want the discomfort and down time associated with being ill to be part of my month. Walgreens has been hawking flu shots as though they are the retail arm of the CDC.
  • I had a surprise party. Yes, my dear darling daughter arranged a surprise party dinner at Maggianos Little Italy. I love Maggianos family style dining. I call it family “gluttony”. I had not had opportunity to do that in several years. I love my darling daughter. It was so special.


  • For the past six months, I have considered a new camera. I wanted a DSLR but did not want to invest in it nor did I want a camera larger than my Panasonic. Good old Panasonic came through. I took the plunge and got a GF1 Micro 4/3 camera introduced last fall.  I am so glad I did. I am enjoying it very much. It is fast and bright yet terribly creative. The GF1 with a f1.7 pancake lens is smaller that my point and shoot! The learning curve has not been bad at all. Loving it.
  • I went to work on my birthday because later in the week I was on my way to Toronto. I went to the Creative Festival. Instead of staying home because no one else was going, I struck out on a little international adventure of my own. It was so much fun. Travel opens ones eyes and allows you the opportunity to think creatively. You are not confined to your own space. It was so refreshing. I enjoyed Toronto and the festival. Toronto reminds me of Chicago.

 Younge Street

  • I have been creative but not in grand completion mode when it comes to sewing. I can say based on my own sewing I had a nice little travel wardrobe for Toronto. My Mood Coat was little show stopper and light weight winter coat. I did a lot of prep work for newness and do not feel badly about not completing things. I think for November, I will try to wear a sewn bespoke piece of clothing each day. It will be my Lookbook at the end of the month.

October, I loved you.


One response to “Five Things to Remember from October

  1. Hey @soulnoir, this is @designinglady! 🙂 Saw your post on Twitter about remembering October and see that it was also your birthday month. So, I wanted to leave a comment and wish you a HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a great birthday month, in addition to getting the flu shot! Ouch! 🙂


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