Boot, Boot

Winter has been late with it’s arrival in St. Louis. Last week, visiting Montreal, I fendi-vintagegot a taste of true fall weather. It was lovely and refreshing. I noticed everyone was wearing boots. They were wearing the type of boots you wear in dry weather. Those are the fashion boots. You would not dare wear them out when there is salt on the street.

Naturally when I returned home I was inspired to find a new pair of riding boots. I have re-upped the search. I remember a pair of  vintage Fendi boots I saw on a blog last year. Don’t think I will be getting those. They are beautiful.

Fullscreen capture 10292010 90316 PM.bmpI went to one of the tried and true retailers, I saw the first time an attainable red leather riding boot. I have done nothing but obsess over these boots all evening. Red Riding Boots just make me sing Red Riding Hood!

The search continues


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