Winslow Brunch

This past Sunday, we had brunch at Winslow’s Home. It is a beautiful grocery built in the early 1920s. At that time it would have been just outside of downtown University Ctiy Missouri.  Several years ago, the store changed hands and went through a extensive restoration. Winslows Home is now a grocery, deli and homegoods store re-established in 2006.

Brunch was very good. Winslow’s menu is very small and changes often. Orders use fresh ingredients that are cooked to order.  I had French toast, topped with bananas and my fellow diner had a breakfast burrito. The portions were healthy sized. By healthy sized I mean a portion a healthy person should eat in lieu of the gargantuan portions sold at many chain stores and restuarants.

The coffee is excellent. I had a very tastey latte. I enjoyed my meal and my surroundings. A pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.

Winslow’s farm is located west of St.Louis in Augusta, Missouri. It’s several acres provide some of the ingredients used in their kitchen. “It is a cooperative between farm, table and market…” Winslow’s remains on the brunch rotation for freshness and unique market atmosphere.


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