New Season, New Color

This is Space Cadet by Orly Cosmic FX . This avant-garde color is a sparkly foil like polish. Depending on the light and angle it will appear green or sometimes gold or pink. There are probably more colors in there, but these are just the top notes. I have never been much for sparkly nail polish, but this is really good. Space Cadet reminds me of what my spring favorite, Adina by Zoya would be if it morphed into winter and added sparkle to the duochrome. There are two additional colors in this set of three from Orly. I may check into another one.


2 responses to “New Season, New Color

  1. Set of three? Where did you find that, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m looking for a less-expensive-per-bottle option for these, so if the set is cheaper than buying the three individually, I’m interested. Thanks!


  2. I found it at CVS Pharmacy, although I have purchased Orly at Sally Beauty Supply in the past.


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