Mad Men is Back!

Mad Men Season 4The season 4 premiere of Man Men is tomorrow night on AMCTV.  I am excited already. I’m thinking about have a light foodie celebration that evening. I sought out recipes. Epicurious has a suggested menu for the occasion.

The Epicurious menu is on point but a bit aggressive for me. The menu starts with  Spicy-Smoky Peanuts  and Caramelized-Onion Dip with Cilantro-Garlic Pita Crisps . For the main course Epicurious has the classic  Fillet of Beef Wellington, accompanied by  Creamed Spinach and Golden Potato Gratin.  For dessert, they recommend a retro favorite, Baked Alaska. I remember Baked Alaska as a child. I will try some of these on a subsequent episode. This episode, we are sticking with scotch and appetizers!

Mad Men Season 4 will start in 1964. The annual average income was $5800, 60% of the adult population smoked, Life Magazine cost $ .35 per issue, comedy shows Bewitched and the Adams Family came to television, while to singles were Baby Love by the Supremes and A Hard Days Night by the Beatles. 

Fashion in 1964 was ever-changing. The costumes on Mad Men are always very exact to the time.  Women’s clothing was tailored but very gently so. Empire waists and solids were in high fashion, while over the pond, prints were fast taking center stage. Jamie Bryant, the costume designer will undoubtedly be incorporating all of this and more into her pieces for the characters. There is a video of Jamie Bryant discussing this year’s wardrobe here.

On to the Mad Men Season 4 premiere.


One response to “Mad Men is Back!

  1. I am excited to watch the new season. I was born in 1965 so it will be interesting to see how times were then…


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