Vogue Patterns~Fall 2010

The new Fall 2010 Vogue Patterns are out. They came out online long before I received my subscription magazine. I was a bit distressed by that. Regardless, here are my picks for fall

Anne Klein 1200 is a suit I feel will suit me well. I would love to do the jacket in boucle’ if not necessarily a plaid. Anne Klein’s pant historically fit me well. My current TNT pant is an Anne Klein. I was rather disappointed at the Donna Karan choices. There were so many more wearable items in her collections. Vogue just didn’t ask my opinion. Dang!

This is the first Rebecca Taylor I have considered. I have a feeling that it will be Christmas finishing, considering the details. I would like to incorporate more blouses in my wardrobe. This one is exquisite. I should start now with a nice soft silk. 

Lately Issey Miyake has come out with some nice blouses. The balance of the outfits have not been that great. I am sure that the details will make the blouse. I am not quite sure of the fabric. Something with a drape but not too filmy. I am ignoring those pants! The line drawing looks good. It is the picture that is scary. I am ignoring those pants!

Two Marcy Tilton patterns. The designer, Marcy, has recommendations for fabrics, as well as fabrics for sale for each of the  patterns. They can be found on her website. I love Ponte she has recommended for the shirts V8671.  I already have a couple of pieces that would be fabulous. The two jackets will sew up nicely in a good quality fleece. Soft cuddly and fun. Stylish casual wear that will be warm in winter.

Vogue 8670 is a new Vogue Basic Design issue. It is a good basic knit top with a raglan sleeve. The sleeve is a little update.

Off to make a few back to school pieces. I couple of knit shirts and a vest. One must be ready for school. It starts so early now in comparison to decades past.


One response to “Vogue Patterns~Fall 2010

  1. I love these styles.


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