Chicago ….

This time last week I was hitting the bricks to go fabric shopping in Chicago. I took the train in the night before to stay at one of my favorites spots.  I noticed they were shooting a movie, Transformers 3, as I approached the hotel. For some reason I assumed it would be a night time affair, concluded by morning. Ha. When I emerged from the hotel the next morning the streets were smoke filled! Shooting for the movie would go on all day and on into the balance of the weekend. This meant that streets would be blocked off and traffic re-routed off and on ALL DAY.

The filming of a movie is sort of interesting, but it became a hassle after a bit. I had to travel several blocks out of my way to get to my first destination, Vogue Fabrics. I was following recommendations from Vogue Pattern Magazine on fabric shopping in the Windy City. I like Vogue Fabrics. Sadly I missed the summer sale, but the everyday prices are very nice. I mostly bought Sophia Knits. They wear extremely well and there were a few colors I had not seen in person. After Vogue, I went a short block to Fishman’s.

This was my first visit to Fishman’s. OMG. It is the very highest of quality woolens, cashmeres, cottons and silks. The staff is very personable and informative. I was drawn to a $65 per yard wool cashmere. I admit it. I cannot do $65 per yard. I will be back on my next trip. It is a wonderful store for quality fabrics. I went from there to Rainbow Fabrics. Not my cup of tea. I would say predominately after 5.

My last stop on the fabric trail was the next day at Chicago Fabric Yarn and Button. It had been described as a “diamond in the rough, depending on what you were looking for…” I wasn’t looking. Definitely not my sort of shopping experience. I can mark that one off the list.

I had opportunity to see a dear friend for dinner. We had not seen one another in nearly 10 years. It was wonderful catching up. We could have talked well into the night but the train was calling. Life changes over time.  People grow apart and sometimes back together.

It was a nice trip.Iif I manage to sew up some of this stuff, I may make that trip again before school starts. I would love to go to the Randolph St. Flea Market


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