I Am not a Quilter

I promise to not become a quilter. I made the “out of need” and out of desire quilt recently. I learned so much about quilting in that process. I wanted to try another project but on a smaller scale. I am very hesitant when it comes to picking combinations of prints. There are seven in this project. I am never sure if they really go together.

My DD uses a sofa blanket all year round. I thought I would try something that size this time. I also learned the value of a rotary cutter from my previous adventure. Here are well over 100 rectangles for a brick design lap quilt.

They layout is looking good, although I think I will need more rows. I didn’t take into consideration the surface taken up by seams. I have learned a little about planning. I have sufficient fabric remaining for a few additional rows. Not as pressed as before to complete it, I am stopping work on the quilt to make a piece of clothing. See I am not a quilter.


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