Quilting- Off Grid

Quilting is a craft I admire. It is colorful and expressive. My initial impression is that it is a country craft. I have found that it covers a multitude of styles. Lately I have seen some decidedly more modern and classic looking quilted and appliquéd quilts. They have piqued my interest for summer bedding.

The Pottery Barn quilts are obviously machine made. The choice of fabrics and colors made them appealing to me. The color combination of the Neena quilt, shown above is a very sophisticated palette.

Amy Butler has some more conservative items that are had crafted. Pink is definitely not my color palette. I liked this one for it’s simplicity. I looked at it and said, “I can do this!”

I find the most daunting thing in this project is choosing the fabric. I have a very difficult time coordinating multiple prints. I look doe eyed in the fabric store. My mind goes blank. Finally one day I found a grouping at Joann’s that spoke to me. Here we are with batik prints from Joann. The five prints are modern to me. I think it looks bright, alive and very modern.

I have only completed the top. These are 9” and 11” blocks. I am very happy with the results so far. I have probably broken a million rules of quilting, but it is all working for me so far. This will be my very proud summer bedding.  


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