Sartorial Imagination

I have let this little bit of writing just fall off the table as of late. I know that during summer break I will have time to pen even some of my tiniest thoughts. No, I have no great vacation plans. For some reason the best get aways are in the fall and spring. Occasionally winter is good if it is a trip on the west coast.

Last week, I was looking seriously at men’s clothing blogs. I am not impressed by the way most men dress. On a daily basis I see teachers. They are far from stylish. I think we have had one stylish dressing teacher in the building in the past two years. Poor man was always the object of ridicule by his peers. “Why does he have to wear those kinds of pant?” guys would say. So sad. My turn around into the world of men’s clothing all started with a Tweet from Dr. Cornel West ,” So apparently I am a FASHION ICON? 🙂” In the interview, West answers the question of why one should have a uniform. Prepidemic has this and 3 other parts of their video interview of Dr. West. I found it enlightening. Only Dr. West can artfully explain his “limited sartorial imagination” with history, religion and classicism in such a detailed manner.

I delved further into the Prepidemic website and became interested in some of their Top Ten Lists. The top 10 tricks of the tailor was a series to make me think in terms of my own sewing and couture. I don’t dress manly by any means, but the value of a tailor and the fine nuances that one can add to your wardrobe were quite interesting.

Photo from

As a sewist I always like to add a little something to my items to make them mine. I never thought about the tell that is a button vent on a jacket sleeve. Nor had I ever took notice of the thread color of the buttonholes on that vent. Wow.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.


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