Happy Birthday, Simone

May 1, 2010 was Simone’s first birthday. Last year, at school/work, our house cat in the Pre-Vet department had a litter of 4 kittens. It became a wonderful opportunity for the students to see new born kittens, care for them and watch them grow to leave their mother.

I had Cleo, an older cat. i knew she was reaching her end of life cycle. Cleo was 13 years old. I was able to get one of the kittens, thinking that if something happened to Cleo, i would not feel as though i was in a position to replace her. The kitten, Simone, was the champ of the litter. She was the first to eat canned food and  double the size of the runt of the litter. The students all referred to her as ‘Big Head’.

i brought Simone home for the summer. I had hoped that she and Cleo would be able to make a go of it. Simone was the baddest little kitten i had ever seen. once i returned to work in the fall, without supervision, their relationship plummeted. I had to bring Simone back to school. She remained at school until Cleo passed.

one year later, we are having a birthday party for the kittens. They have all grown to become a handsome litter of cats. As nature would have it, only two recalled each other. Jag has lived in Pre-Vet since birth and therefore spent a lot of time with Simone. All were reunited for their birthday party at Pre-Vet. Everyone got the spa treatment…shampoo, nails and treats. Simone would only stand for the nail clipping. I’m sure us humans had far more fun at the party than the cats.

Simone, very happy in her new home, spent her birthday window sitting, chasing the broom and sleeping. What a life.



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