Sew Much

  Sew much to do in so little time. That is the way of life. I have been working on my Geoffrey Beene jacket this week. Let’s be honest here. The pattern was from 1999. There have been dozens of simplified versions of this jacket since then, but no, I want this one. Therefore I am struggling with applied banded edges and mitered corners as well as flap and welt pockets. The instructions for the flap and welt pocket were a source of near defeat. To the rescue, Vogue Sewing Manual, 1980. Well, I have almost reached the finish. The Vogue text provided me with that “Ah Ha” moment of how to make a welt pocket. I will be forever grateful for that.

Spring is the time to move from dark nails to lighter colors. I am transitioning starting with some darkened neutrals. Sephora, Metro Chic was the color of the week. Note the tip wear after 5 days and assembling a coffee table. I’m not mad at that. I have taken inventory of my nail polish for the upcoming season.  I don’t think I need to buy a thing for the season, but you know I will. Decisions will be mood dependent. I’m feeling something a little brighter next week. Uhmmmm!


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