On the Sew, Spring Break

I have had a hard time concentrating on sewing this week. Reasons are beyond my control, but I have been as busy as I can be. I feel I need shirts in my wardrobe. Shirts are something I own few of but enjoy them when I wear them. I started this paisley number. Buttons and buttonholes remain. It isn’t a fashion forward piece, but one I will enjoy for those “I feel a little tailored” today, days. Even in my casual work environment I have those days.

It is not a matter of I have no fabric, I have fabric. I always want more new fabric. In as much as appealing dressmaker fabric is hard to come by, it is incumbent upon me to get as much as my meager budget will allow. Presently I am working through the purchase of a few pieces of fabric. I am trying to employ some sound decision making skills since the purchases are being made online. It is not a situation where one can run back out and buy what you thought you would not want. “Remember that piece I saw and I could not justify it. I had no vision as to what to do with it.”

Finally, I have made decisions with options. More to come later.

This week I scored a few lovely patterns on EBay. I look out for Donna Karan, Claude Montana, Issey Miyake, St. Laurent  and Geoffrey Beene patterns vintage Vogue patterns. I lost out on a St. Laurent this week.  Often these are not patterns I am sure to make right away. They are little sewing lessons in themselves. For instance, I started on a Geoffrey Beene jacket  and was totally beaten by the welt pocket. I have resorted to the 1980 Vogue Sewing manual in order to make the pocket and not destroy my jacket.

I won two Sewing Workshop shirt patterns on EBay and a vintage Vogue designer, Myrene de Premonville. I had not heard of her before this week. I looked around on the internet and she was quite popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. I expect it to be the time period of the pattern.  I found mention of her in a New York Times article from 1993. In reference to de Premonville, …”If an aristocratic young Frenchwoman’s chateau burned down, she could restock her closet, happily, with three designers: Agnes B., Myrene de Premonville and Ines de la Fressange. These are the designers that melodramatic teen-agers would swear they cannot live without…”. It was an interesting read. I will be looking for a few more of her patterns for my collection.


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