Black, Black, Black

Black is the color of slimming, sophisticated, simple dressing. It is the perfect no color. Black can easily be updated and accessorized. It is always a staple in a wardrobe. Lately, I have sewn a lot of black. Because it does not photograph well, I have yet to post anything. Most of the black pieces were updates and replacements of older pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.

I have a novelty black on black wool from Hancock’s. I cut a cardigan jacket from Butterick 5400 and a vest from a modified version of Vogue 8454. I chose it for the vest for the  cozy stand up collar. I underlined the cardigan with black poly lining and finished the inside seams. I am still searching for the appropriate trim. Fold over Wrights trim is not the right choice for the nicely textured wool. I’m considering the fleece side of a recycled sweatshirt.

Black wool vest

I made two pairs of pants to replace worn wardrobe items. It was a bit of a carry over from January. One pant is a black jersey Anne Klein basic, part of Vogue 1128. I was very happy with the fit of this pant. I have gotten so much better with crotch issues. The second pair is an Alice and Olivia, Vogue 1059,  wide leg pant in an RPL from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Alice and Olivia Vogue patterns always fit very well in the crotch. The yoke top of the pant is slimming in my humble opinion.

That is the extent of the February table and the extent of winter sewing. My mojo for winter sewing is gone. I missed a few good pieces that will go to stash, to be resurrected later. The calendar has promised me that Spring is coming in March.


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