I Love Fashion Week

`I love Fashion Week as though I were going. I love it. I get opportunity to sit back and surf the shows on the internet. Now days, the information is almost too available. Designers are showing Fall 2010 while it is currently the end of winter in America. Fall 2010 will ship in summer and the Spring Summer 2010 lines were shown long ago. The lead times involved for designers and the immediate exposure via technology are a dream of the knock-off artist. I am not the knock off artist, just a home sewer, but just think, I could rock Donna Karan’s new looks for Fall 2010 right now. After all, it is still winter in America.


I find that often textiles make the difference between the designer original and the knock off. It is not easy for the average home sewist to find fabrics of the same quality. let us not begin to talk about the per yard costs. The simplest of fashions can be spectacular with the right fabric

Vogue patterns has relationships with some established and up and coming designers for patterns. Looking at the cycle, they seem to run about a year out. As I looked at the shows from Donna Karan, Badgley Mischka, and Tracy Reese, I could say, “I hope that look is in Vogue patterns.” any of these Fall 2010 runway pieces could appear in Fall 2011 Vogue Pattern Magazine. These are a few I may see in 2011.

February 25, Milan, Italy.


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