Britex, Oh Britex…

Britex Fabrics

During my visit to California, it was a requirement in mine eyes that I make at least one fabric shop. My hometown fabric resources are scarce to say the least, one nice independent and two chain stores. A visit to a major city is always an opportunity. I chose Britex as my destination, based on reputation and a recent article in Vogue Patterns Magazine.

I was immediately impressed with the neatness of the store. Prices are very high BUT the quality is amazing…beautiful fabrics. Stock is superbly organized on 4 floors. It took me an hour of “feeling” to finally get my shopping groove. It didn’t take much time to spend my predetermined budget.

There are over a hundred reviews of Britex on Yelp. Having run through a few prior to my trip, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. the reviews ranged from fabulous to hate it. I experienced both ends of the spectrum. they are indeed pricey. The quality is excellent and everything imaginable is available. Staff was helpful with the exception of one person in notions, who totally made me ready to leave the store. She was pompous and arrogant. I’m sure the looks we gave each other read “bitch”. End of that conversation.

I moved on to the second floor where I started to get in my groove. As I admired some fabrics there, I was helped by a lovely lady named Melody. She was fabulous. One could immediately tell “Mel” was a pro. She helped my decide between fabrics, asked questions and was just a gem. I had no fear that the cut fabric would be off grain or scant of cut. so often in chain stores, salespersons don’t sew and don’t know how to cut. Because of Melody, I left Britex with a smile and slightly lighter pocket.


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