Online Fabric Wish

I find myself fabric shopping on the web. It certainly is not my preference, but, try walking into a fabric store looking for an assortment of dressmaker fabric. If you live in Los Angeles or New York, it isnt a problem at all. The rest of the country, Missouri for instance, suffers from a scarcity of  choices and often not good quality.

Having returned to sewing for only a year, my needs are mostly for basics. I work in a casual environment, so dressy wear is seldom needed. I gaze at many of the $30 and more per yard imports and know that it is not what I need on a daily basis. There are several websites I visit and each for a different reason.

Marcy Tilton– Beautiful basics; pretty decent photography and description; not a bargain; shipping costs!

Emma One Sock– Beautiful novelties; nice photography and description; not a  bargain; shipping costs!

Sawyer Brook~Novelties and basics; nice photogray and description; shipping discounts occasionally. I love the fact that they coordinate fabrics and buttons photographed for you. totally basic; bargains; sketchy descriptioins and photographs; free shipping over $35.

Internet shopping will not go away. Store fronts are expensive and textile costs are not coming down. I am becoming more adept at reading between the lines and knowing with whom I am dealing. Wow. Good descriptions and photograhs are important. What about a sight that offered the casual taste level of Marcy Tilton, the special quality of Emma One Sock and Sawyer Brook, with the presentation of Emma One Sock and Sawyer Brook combined? Ohh, let’s not forget some discount plan for shipping. I am already over budget and should stop here.

Happy shopping.


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