Decade Review

The decade was one of great transition in so many ways. It started with 9/11 and ended with a financial meltdown. The American Dream was under attack. some have compared it to the post World War II era, and some have called it the Decade from Hell. Things have changed irreparably. Not all of the changes were bad.

Some good things happened to entertain us while everything else change:

Napster is shut down in 2001. i still have a few tunes from there. It came back before the end of the decade. XM began satellite radio service in 2001. Before the decade was over, it was bought by Sirrius. Sirrius cancelled my station, I cancelled my subscription.  Apple launched the iPod in 2001, just in time for Christmas.

 American Idol debuted on television in 2002. I have yet to really get a handle on that one. I got to use my first digital camera in 2001. It was a Sony Mavica. ParisThe big fat camera wrote pictures to a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk. We all referred to it as the “school” camera. 2002 I bought my first digital after borrowing one from a friend. I think we were all shocked when Martha Stewart got jail time in 2004. Before the end of the decade she was out and bought out Emeril.  I went to Europe for the first time in December, 2004. Paris is amazing.  Project Runway made it’s debut in December 2004. I told myself then, “You need to start sewing again.”

The entertainment quotient cranked up a notch when three PayPal employees launched YouTube in 2005. It is such the time sink. It was a diversion from the awfulness of Hurricane Katrina. My grandmother, who was born in New Orleans would have been devastated by heartless handling of the situation. She had faith in the levy system. My grandmother died a few months before the hurricane. the spring of 2005 I returned to Europe, to visit Nice, France. It was during the time of mourning of Prince Rainier. I have never seen so many florals.

Collesium, RomeThe following year, 2006, Twitter was born. I could not quite figure where it fit in my life. I didn’t start text messaging until late 2007. Now I Tweet daily.  In 2006 I spent Christmas in Italy with my daughter. Oh, what a good time it was.  I was awe struck by the Coliseum in Rome. We visited the Vatican on Christmas Eve. It was truly one of those moments you know you will not forget. I had opened a Flickr account earlier that year after being introduced to it on a trip to California. Top Chef debuted in 2006, as well. By this time, I was in love with Bravo-TV.

FloodFebruary 1, 2007, my home flooded.  It was horrid and a blessing. It forced changes in my life for which I am still grateful. 2007 I went to  Montreal for the first time. My traveling child moved there for school. In the summer of 2008, I went to my first international jazz festival, Festival de International de Jazz de Montreal. Later in the year, 2008, Barack Obama, elected President of United States of America. I worked on the campaign. It was the first time I had done anything of that nature. I will do it again and do more. Election Day, I took off from work. I was up bright and early to stand in the anticipated long lines for the opportunity to vote. I also pursued my dream of becoming a sewist in 2008. I bought a new sewing machine. It is one of the best things I did all decade.

President Barack Obama January 2009, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. I only felt sorrow for those family that passed before seeing that historic day. I sat watching the entire event for hours.

2009 Swine flu was a big topic. I got a flu shot for the first time in 8 years. I still got the other flu. For my birthday, I went to New York, to meet the same traveling child. It was a wonderful trip where I got the opportunity to fuel my new passion for sewing. There was a down side to 2009. Having fell in love with a fantasy, it ended in latter 2009. I am now looking forward to more realistic things in the new decade. I will be searching for “Paul”. I don’t know how I am going to do it yet, but it will not be a fantasy this time around. So, off to a new decade with the experiences of the last decade firmly imprinted on my mind. I’m poorer, but smarter. I have a lot of first times to look forward to in the coming decade. Yes, 2000 was the Decade from Hell, but it had a silver lining.


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