In search of sewing books, I found the “Alabama Stitch Book” by Natalie Chanin.  After listening to a podcast from So Forth Now, featuring Susan Kahlje, I have thought more about hand stitches. Susan said in the podcast, “… hand stitches can make fabric do what a machine cannot…” That is so true. Recently, while working on Mood, I found that my buttonhole attachment makes a maximum 1” buttonhole. The singular button on the front of Mood is 1 1/2 inches. I made a run at it using a tight zigzag stitch, but it was not neat enough. I decided to go over the buttonhole by hand. It made all of the difference in the world. I am a believer in her statement. Using those hand stitches save my coat buttonhole.

This new appreciation in hand stitches made be pick up the Alabama Stitch Book.  The cover says “Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style”. The style is not mine, but the inspiration of hand stitches is wonderful. Beautifully illustrated chapters on stitches, beads, tools, appliqué and supplies make it a wonderful little book. It can definitely be a support to my desire for a portable creative kit. 

PS…there was a non-shrink wrap copy of Lanvin, by Dean Merceron in the bookstore. Let me just say, I will be searching the discount bins for this one.


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