Life Rolling on

Blog topics cross my mind at the most strange times. The problem is I never remember to blog about them or I don’t feel they are worthy or it’s not permissible at that moment (if you know what I mean). Here are a few things that have survived time. Totally unrelated for the most part, but good to me.

I stumbled across a new website , The Selfish Seamstress. She is a young seamstress with excellent skills.Show loves DIY designer knock offs. There are links to some unexpected sources of patterns for designer goods. She offers some great links to DIY or downloads for fashionable, designer oriented sewing projects. Some of the links are really worth a gander.  I never thought to look at Teen Vogue. I’m kind of past that age bracket but there are some cute things for inspiration from designers like Doo.Ri and Phillip Lim.  The Selfish Seamstress writes occasional Haikus about sewing. For instance:

You need your pants hemmed?
Google for local tailors.
Glad that I could help!

Now that is selfish! I’m a firm believer in the phrase, “do You”

Zoya Zoya Suvi, the perfect holiday shade of green! it just does things for my complexion that some would not. Zoya provides descriptions that indicate the color as warm or cool. It makes buying nail polish online much more successful. I love the new holiday green choice, Suvi. And yes I have more nail polish than I need. That is why I do a nail polish giveaway once a year. Next up, a holiday red for Christmas Eve.

This week I debuted Mood, the coat. It is made from Vogue patterns Anne Klein 1128. OMG, I got compliments from the most unexpected people. I was so proud. I told my father I wanted a pair of olive green four button gloves to go with my coat.  The sleeve calls for a slightly longer glove. They are an elusive dream. Seldom do you find four button gloves, no to mention olive green. I may need settle for black. Regardless of a glove, I LOVE my coat. It feels like a wonderful bathrobe. I will always remember my foray to Mood Fabrics in NY. It is definitely a success. 

Lastly, question, “What do you do the first day of winter break?”  Answer,…You sit on the sofa, surf the web, make lists and play with the Christmas tree. Nothing more constructive than that! Happy Holidays!


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