This Time Last

This time last year, at Thanksgiving, I premiered favorite sewn piece. It was a two piece knit, pant and top. The pant was a trimmed down version of Vogue 8499 by Marcy Tilton. Great pant with princess seams and deep front pockets. The shirt was a Vogue Basic 8536, slim fitted pullover. I used a Sophia double knit. I made a few others in the course of my experimentation. The Sophia double knit is the best fabric choice so far.

Now I am looking back at how it worked for me in my wardrobe, what can be improved and how did it wear. Of the three pieces, Black, Cocoa Brown and Olive, the Black is the favorite. I veered away from the Sophia double knit for the Olive and the tell is in the wear.

The two piece is the foundation for scarves, vests and jackets. My daughter calls it my improved sweat suit. It has that type of comfort of wear and ease of care.

This year, rayon blend Ponte knits are everywhere. Ponte is a good workhorse of knit. With the rayon blend there is not that cheerleader uniform kind of shine. It is heavier, and I need be really careful of the pant style. Only a slim fit pant for this one. I made that mistake already. I will be re-cutting those pants this weekend. A few pieces will make the foundation of the winter vacation



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