Scratching…Teesha Moore

I’m starting a new journal soon. My present journal has managed to last the year. I wanted to look into some new styles and product to use in a journal. It is a combination of daily notes, quotes, ideas, mind farts and photographs. A lot of information in one fat book. CSI would have a ball with it in my demise.

This morning I chose to peruse Teesha Moore’s blog. I had not looked at in a while. Her journals have been a source of admiration for some time. They are not exactly my style but worth admiration for the use of color and materials. Teesha has a series of videos that were big news to me! I had a wonderful time going through them with a pre-dawn cup of coffee.

The video series goes through the creation of a 16 page journal. It starts with the 22 x 30 sheet of Fabriano watercolor paper, folding, tearing and creating the signatures. The series ends with a fabulous collage  journal in the Teesha Moore style.

As a result of this enabling experience, I’m off to find a few new products for my new journal. Journal Salon is tomorrow. Always a joy.


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