November, This Week

First of a new month, November. The past month was a blur of cold and flu, travel and happiness.

I am so glad the month started off with my trip to New York to see Karolyn and a premature celebration of my birthday. After that trip it was down hill in a blur. There was a record set for days of rain in October. That did not help me personally. Additionally on one of those rainy days, Stella was hit by a bus in the parking lot at work. Finally, she is off to repair next week. The blessing of the situation is I was not hurt and the perpetrator is paying the repair. Now, it is a new month.

The November Table is heavy. I only accomplished a pair of khaki pants for work and a Ponte knit two piece in an entire month. I managed to buy fabric but not sew a lot. The stash building has commenced. I think I will need that second set of shelves in the cedar closet. I thought it would never come to this, but it has. You just have to buy dressmaking fabric when you see it. It is not always readily available.

I am off to a good start with the November Table. $3.99 Vogue pattern sales and a lot of cutting done the first week. I even have a holiday for Veteran’s Day, next week. Thanksgiving is the latter part of the month. Feeling good and all in all a bright start for the month of November.


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