For my birthday, I got an IPod Touch. I rather like it. Years ago, the day I saw coverflow, I have had it in the back of my mind. The whole idea of graphic movement just appealed to me. I am not a MAC person. I can’t afford it but I love that coverflow thing. The Touch has many of the apps that make the IPod phone so popular. The variety of apps is astounding. One of my favorite is I see why people love them. I have a personal problem with ATT service and the cost of data, therefore I do not own a Ipohone. The Touch will work from available WiFi.

My new joy of the Touch is Genius Lists. It makes play lists from songs in your iTunes library that are supposed to go great together.  You can create a play list simply by choosing the song you are listening to. I may have some obscure music that is not in the ITunes database.  According to the experts…”Genius learns your preferences and how you relate songs by following your listening patterns. It then uses those patterns along with other track information such as artist, genre, etc., to create its play list” . The songs in your ITunes library should be appropriately tagged.  The more you use iTunes, the more accurately Genius should can anticipate your preferences. Pretty amazing.  Also sometimes not in the database of ITunes are the cover art for some of my music. Most art has managed to show up.

Cover flow, touch screen and music. Not such a bad combination.


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