The Little Black Dress

I always love a new book. “The Little Black Dress… How to make the perfect one for You” by Simon Henry, is a  guide to dressmaking fit for the novice to more seasoned sewist. This small book takes you through the history of the LBD, basic beginning sewing skills and the drafting of your own personal pattern.

The approach is simple and not off putting. It will as a matter of fact lull you into confidence. The instructional photographs are excellent. I love the the finishing techniques are not your sew simple cheap finishes, but more couture like. LBD teaches very good habits to the beginner. Whether you are making a dress or other garment, the techniques are very valuable. 

There are a lot of make it yourself pattern books new to the shelves now. Most of them are not very stylish. This book is an exception. I highly recommend it.


2 responses to “The Little Black Dress

  1. thank you for your kind comments!!!

    simon xx


  2. I got this book a few months ago and am positively itching to get done with another sewing project I am slowly finishing, in order to get down to making a few dresses! Mr. Henry’s book looks awesome, I agree the pictures are great.


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