Sewing Mood

Quote from Claire Kennedy … “Think of sewing as empowering in that you are now free of others making decisions for you.  Sometimes, you can use some of their expertise at first, but after you have developed your own style, you can do what you want and still remain “in style” but with your own style. “

So wonderfully true and well put. This is a major reason I sew. I can see and feel my own style. Fit in middle age is another driving factor, not to mention quality. I feel best in my own creations at this point. I love knit two piece outfits, vests, and loose linen pants. Having gone back to sewing a little over a year ago, I have spent the time getting back in the swing of sewing skills and filling in my wardrobe. I am fast getting to the point where the motivation is to make it because I like it. Another sewing blogger I frequent and admire says she went back to sewing 5 years ago. I can do that. I am certain that 5 years from now, my creations will be as stunning as her work. Every garment this year has been a learning experience.

On a my first trip to the garment district in NY, I made a pilgrimage to Mood Fabrics. After all of the episodes of Project Runway, I had to see Mood. I had been told that it was not the place for a bargain in the garment district. Mood is the place to find anything you can imagine and something 2Die4! I did in deed. I could easily have been overwhelmed, but I chose to get what stopped me in the aisle. It is fall, so why not a wonderful woolen.

This is a truly novel woolen. I have been thinking about a pattern or design since the fabric was cut on the table. Something simple. Something stunning, that each time I wear it I will think, “It came from Mood”. I even got a canvas tote bag from Mood. How great is that?!?


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