Tyler Florence Food Blog

I am newly in love the past few weeks with the Tyler Florence site. The web dev is brilliant. I love Florence’s cooking. I have hours of Tyler Ultimate broadcasts on my Tivo. I will have to release them at some point.

Tyler Florence has a wonderful shop in the Mill Valley in northern California. I drool at the 360 panoramic views offered on the web site. It is esthetically pleasing with a wonderful stock offering .I notice he has his own line of cookware. I wonder how it stands next to All Clad or Calphalon. It is being sold on HSN. It could be like other celebrity chef cookware. Made in China with a shiny name.

Friday’s Florence Tweets a recipe simultaneously posted on his blog. The Tweets are an interesting reminder, but to see it on the blog is sublime. The photography on the site is inspiring. Clean, close up, artistically shot is putting it mildly. Makes you want to cook and eat! I have tried several of his recipes in the past and have loved each and everyone. The Friday Twitterlicious recipes are simple fare with a lot of flavors.Recently featured, Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken with Smash Broccoli is a must have for Sunday dinner. Now, how good does that look?

Photo Courtesy of Tyler Florence

I am looking forward to seeing his shop next year in California. It is a plan of mine to visit northern California next year.


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