Dish #1

In my promise to cook from my many cookbooks each week for the balance of the year, I have made my first dish. I chose “think Like a Chef” by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame. “A groundbreaking volume when it was first published in 2000, this arful deconstruction of the chef’s craft from Top Chef’s formidable head judge, Tom Colicchio, is the perfect manual for a new generation of culinary professionals and passionate cooks everywhere.”

The book is divided by skills, such as roasting, braising, sautéing and making stocks and sauces. There are chapters of dishes using the same ingredients in a dish that is simple and then progressively more complex. One can stretch your skills with ingredients you have become familiar with in the same chapter.

I chose to cook Potato Leek soup. I have made many of pot of potato soup when my kids were growing up. It was a winter time one pot staple. Colicchio’s version was a little more involved. The recipe and technique yielded a familiar pot of soup with far more depth of flavor. The recipe took a familiar dish to a new level. It was simple and I will use the recipe again.


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