TW…This Week

My love hate relationship with Anthropologie continues. I received the current mailer. there are some lovely things there. Additionally the online newsletter arrived in my mailbox. Cute items recommending the top essentials for fall. I like some of the recommendations with age appropriate changes. Their website has a nice hand made journaly graphic to it, that I like.

Recommended essentials were:

  1. Stovepipe pants/jeans
  2. A statement jacket
  3. A bit of sparkle
  4. Pencil Skit
  5. Dress
  6. Textured bag
  7. Rugged boots
  8. Tailored Shirt
  9. Slouchy pants
  10. Transitional sweater

A few shots from the fall mailer.

I decided to channel my enthusiasm from Julie/Julia into cooking from the raft of cookbooks I own. I calculate starting this week, 19 weeks remaining in the year. Each week my goal is to cook one dish from one of those cookbooks. That is not to say I won’t buy one along the way. A good Amazon buy or a Border coupon can not be ignored. This is a doable project for me. The first week will be done from Tom Colicchio’s “Think Like a Chef”. Not quite decided on the dish for this week.


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