The Julie Julia Project

I went to see the movie, “Julie & Julia” today. It was quite good, I must say. It is the movie version of the blog come book, of a young woman named Julie, who cooked her way through the Julie Child classic, the “Mastering the Art of French Cooking“. Julie is a bored government worker in 2004 NYC, while the story follows the life of Julia Child in Europe.

I knew far more than I imagined about the life of Julia Child. I saw her biography on the FoodNetwork, Chefography series some time ago. It all made perfect sense emotionally, why this young woman chose to blog and cook her way through this cookbook. Julie chose a deadline for herself of 365 days and 536 recipes. That I must say is a daunting task.

In all of the cooking from time period to time period, there were two love stories. The love story of Julia Child and her husband as well as Julie and her husband. It was touching.

I own many a cookbook, mostly contemporary, but including the “Joy of Cooking” and Escoffier. I followed another cook’s blog, Carol,  as she cooked her way through the French Laundry Cookbook, by Thomas Keller. The blog “French Laundry at Home”  was fascinating. I so admired her. I never thought of embarking on anything remotely like it. I find it interesting that each had a day job, a normal if not meager kitchen and not the highest of incomes. Someone once commented on the French Laundry at Home blog, “how do you afford this.” Carol’s response was something to the effect of “I budget to buy food like others may buy shoes… priorities”. I suppose that is true.

The closest I believe I could commit to project of this nature would be one month of a chosen cookbook, featuring a weekly recipe and maybe an inspired dish. Ha. I think I could do that. Lord knows, it can be a learning experience that one day may lead me to cook my way through some mountainous cookbook. I am a firm believer in hand julienne carrots and fresh mashed potatoes. In the interim, if you love to cook, are a foodie, or romantic, you will enjoy “Julie/Julie”. Bon appetit.


One response to “The Julie Julia Project

  1. I enjoyed the movie as well. I have a wife that loves to cook, but surpisingly, the movie inspired me to be a blogger. Hence, I am here, commenting on your blog. I was fascinated by what Julie accompolish with just a blog.


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