Embroidery Machine Dreams

There is perfectly good reason to buy an embroidery machine. I simply had to come up with one. Eureka! I noticed this article at CraftyStylish.com. This is the perfect reason. I can make labels for my own bespoke wardrobe.

Compliments of EricaBunker.com, I have seen your name in the waist of your jeans or custom embroidery on the pockets of jeans. I’m liking my own denim trousers more than retail at this point. I also saw a post where the seamstress embroidered the Burda pattern number in the facing of the garment. I don’t see using that approach, but oh the possibilities. It’s so much like big girl planning of your camp wardrobe when your name was ironed in your clothes. These are joys of life on a big girl pill.

Presently I’m using a Janome 8077 and loving it. It is the first non-Singer machine I have ever owned. Because of the good experiences I have had with it, I’m looking into a Janome embroidery machine. Got a birthday coming, you know.


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