The Last of…

The last of summer things on my mind… I’m almost to the bottom of my summer nail polishes. Here you see it, China Glaze, “Passion in the Pacific”. I highly recommend it. Bottle color and opaque coverage in two coats. That is very good in my book.  I think this is the first China Glaze I have used and I am very satisfied with it. I will look forward to their shades for fall. In the fall and winter, to work, I tend to stick to more conservative polishes. I am sure they will be able to accommodate.

Summer ending is sweet sorrow. It is sweet because I have a job to return to. So many people are not as blessed. I never feel as though the situation is bullet proof. Such is the times in which we live. The sorrow is not having every morning with a three hour start up. I get up, feed the cats, surf, have breakfast and then decide what the day entails. Unless I have a predetermined destination or appointment time, it is a three hour ritual.

My school is going to uniforms, which are optional for staff. I am curious to see how this will work and how it will effect my sewing for the upcoming season. I don’t care for the cut of the polo shirts that normally come with uniforms. I can see alterations will be necessary. I’m thinking I want an apron for my uniform. I can carry my keys and cell phone in the pockets. That would be very convenient.

Presently most of the things on my mental plate for sewing are coats. I don’t know why coat patterns are so intriguing to me this year. The possibilities are endless… vintage Beene and current Donna Karan. I am loving them all. One can use only so many coats. Speaking of Donna Karan, I love the wardrobe information on her site. It is so reminiscent of the DK from the 80’s; basic, elegant and feminine.

I am enjoying Top Chef Masters. This is the type of programming BravoTV should take great pride in. I don’t see how they sleep at night after the sluttly housewives series they are doing. I am sure there is some lining to their pillow, but…. Top Chef Masters is wonderful. These are seasoned, well respected chefs working the same types of competitions as the Top Chef contestants. The difference is so evident in how they carry themselves in a competition. They are competitive but so respectful of each other’s talents and accomplishments. I cheered in my seat watching these accomplished chefs in a mise en place relay! OMG.

Well, the week is almost over and I am moving on. “Back to life, back to reality…”


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