Cleo Ann is BACK

I as a pet owner, should not be so excited, but I am. CleoAnn, my near 14 year old has had a rough summer. It started with my decision to bring home a kitten. It was a rather selfish decision on my part. The kitten was little, cute and needed a home. I brought it home from school at the end of the session. Simone, the kitten has turned out to be a nut. I really think her father was a crack head, because her Mother doesn’t act like this. She and all of her siblings are crazy. Poor Cleo has taken a big hit in dealing with the crazy little kitten, Simone.

After carting both cats to the vet, I find out that Cleo is ill. She has a heart murmur and hypothyroid. All are the effects of old age. She is 14 years old. I didn’t expect her to be tickled with a bouncy kitten, but her ailments make her sometimes less than amiable. To top off her summer, Cleo went missing for several days. I am sure she expended one of her nine lives on that adventure. Over the rest of the summer, she has been a little low key. Cleo is not trying to upstage the kitten, she is trying to just keep Simone out of her face. The expectation is that Cleo be rather lethargic.

CleoAnn Today was a “ha. I am back” day. Cleo went out after breakfast where she customarily lays on the doormat or patrols the yard for a few hours. Simone, the kitten, clocks out about 10 am after harassing me and any piece of paper in sight.  I hear Cleo outside the door. I look and low and behold there is Cleo with a baby bunny on the door mat. The bunny makes a run for it. Cleo chased the bunny and returns with it in her mouth. I am shocked. I can’t remember the last time I saw  her with a bunny. I know this is gross, but I was ticked. This is my old Cleo! “I may be an old girl, but I can still catch a bunny!”


One response to “Cleo Ann is BACK

  1. go CleoAnn. Atta girl. She’s still pretty swift if she could catch a bunny.


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