MOJO, Where are You?

Where did my gardening MOJO go? There was a time I had gardens that covered all sides of my home.  I love cut flowers and could for the most part cut a bouquet any day of the week in season. I loved experimenting with perennials and annuals. Some of my favorites were shrub roses, English Roses, all sorts of daisies, echinacea and daylilies for landscaping. I had it going on. The garden was where I went to hide I believe in retrospect.  After the remainder of the family cared for the lawn, trees and shrubs, all that remained was the beds of flowers. I refer to that as a past life.


Now, that I have had to take on the lawn, etc., I just don’t get to the flowers. I have managed a few pots of flowers. My herb garden consists of one planted pot. The one is really all I need. There is not a cutting garden.

After 10 years, this summer, with time off, I thought I would get to the flowers. Well, summer is half over and I have yet to do so. Where did my MOJO for those flowers go? Is it the ten years? I have the opportunity? I would rather be doing other things than toiling in the garden, although I still love the look and scent of the flowers. What to do?

I hope I can at least manage to prepare some beds and make my little patio barbeque area I dreamed of. If I succeed at that much, next year I only need to add the plants. The foundation work would be done. The summer is only half over and this could well continue to fall. I have not given up the search for the MOJO.


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