$3.99 is the price for Vogue Patterns this holiday weekend. Everyone has them… Hancock, Joann’s. Vogue has a buy one get one sale on their own site as well. It appears to be the last big push before new fall patterns arrive mid month. Simplicity and McCall already have new patterns on the counters. Since I am still in the market for interesting summer casual pants, I got a copy of Vogue 8499 by Marcy Tilton. I had one long ago and I have no idea what happened to it. It entails some alteration, but I feel up to it for the summer. I have already worn out Vogue 8397. The photos on the cover are horrendous. I have seen the pant on other sewers and it is quite a different story.


I understand from Marcy Tilton’s newsletter, she will have two new patterns in the mid July issue for fall. 

This interesting jacket has an equally interesting vest pattern. I understand from her newsletter that the two can be worn together for dramatic effect. I hope the remainder of the Vogue fall lineup is as inspiring and creative. I would like to have an oooooooo moment.


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